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I am Eugenia from Petrozavodsk, Russia; an IT specialist by profession andbelong to an upper middle class family. Both my parents are engineers and theyhave brought me up in a liberal way giving enough freedom for my thoughts andactions. Many have criticized them for that, but in my case, it did me only goodand I grew up to be a free thinking, liberal yet well-mannered and establishedin life individual. Only thing lacking in my life is the need of a loving lifepartner. My life is so busy in the computer labs of my software firm that Idon’t get time to mingle up with others in night clubs and other social eventslike my friends. So I was left behind in personal life.Then I came through this premium dating and friendship website whose primary aimis to make suitable people meet each other and make a family of their own. Though yet I haven’t met my love here, I am fully satisfied with this website asit has given me some exposure as to what I am to expect in the future. I havemade many new friends both girls and men and now I have a clear idea on whatsort of a man I want in my life.

So if you are also in search of a life partner, join this website by clickinghere and make sure to meet me and I assure you that we will have wonderful andinteresting conversations and decide on our future.

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