Urgeous Manifesto

You're a Pro

You use Urgeous because you're a pro.

You use Markdown because it's faster, cleaner and meaner than any HTML WYSIWYG editor, or any other acronym with many Ys in it.

Posting using an email client makes sense because when you're not talking to people face to face, you email them. You're good at email; why should you use another interface?

Your Time is Valuable

You think of something to say, you post it.

You don't want to waste your time managing yet another set of credentials. If you're on a new computer, or you just cleared your browser's cache, you can still post; in fact you can post from anywhere, anytime.

You probably have set up Wordpress once, loved the freedom, hated the hassle; you may be thinking about using Jekyll (certainly the next best thing after Urgeous), but again, who has time for this?

You actually have Things to Say

Content is what matters. Write fast, post fast. Think slow.

We are Here to Help

We're on a mission to help you say what you have to say.

We will be adding features regularly, ma non troppo because we really believe that less is more.

If something's broken though, or if you have a question, or if you want to chat, help is just an email away.

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