Urgeous API

Urgeous' API lets users retrieve posts to serve them from their own pages / domain / etc. The API responds with either XML, JSON or HTML; every response can include the content of the posts together with metadata.

The concept

Here's how it works

Try it now!

API key

In order to use the API you must first get an API key by sending an email to request_api@urgeous.com.

(You can also test the API without your own personal key, by using the special test key 'keyfortests' (without quotes); this special key responds with always the same results -- so you really should get your own key! ;-)

Once you get your key you can start building requests.

Getting started

The API is available at http://api.urgeous.com/v01/ and the only action currently available is "list" (to query posts), so all your requests should start with:


You can query

The posts in the response are in reverse chronological order.

To query all posts by a given user you should provide the following parameters

To query a specific post you should provide this:

So, for example, in order to retrieve all posts by user "u38t3aaa405" you can do this:


This is almost the same example as above, except that in this case, we added the parameter "show=yes" so that the request includes the content of the posts.

Response formats

By default, the API responds in XML, but you can request JSON instead with the "format" parameter:


This would give you something like this:

Example of JSON response

The "format" parameter also accepts "html" as a value. This returns an HTML fragment (a div) that you can serve directly without further processing on the server side:

Example of HTML response

(Note that all metadata are included as data attributes).

Complete API reference

Responses are encoded using UTF-8. Posts are returned in reverse chronological order.

The header of the response describes the parameters it has received or their current value when this was changed using defaults.

In case of errors, the cause of the error is included (where possible) and an error code is returned (loosely inspired by HTTP error codes).

The following parameters are available:

Happy coding! And don't forget we're here to help if needed: support@urgeous.com

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